• Causes of hyper acidity
    You’d be surprised how many everyday activities we indulge in can be the cause of that hyperacidity you’re feeling. Some examples of these are : Tight clothes Eating too fast Working out or exercising after eating food Eating large portions … Read more
  • Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
    Ultra Low Temperature Freezers Haier Biomedical mastered the core technology of ultra-low temperature refrigeration through independent R&D, and became the sole biomedical low-temperature storage equipment service provider covering the entire temperature range from -196 ℃ to 8 ℃. -86℃ ULT … Read more
  • Omnicide
    Features Applications
  • Biodeal Hycolin Disinfectant
    Hospital disinfectant, Hycolin, a quarternary ammonium based product proven to be effective against MRSA and TB which is the result of years of research from Coventry Chemicals, United Kingdom.
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