Covid 19 PPE Kit

Only Ksh 2500

  • Peuritol Professional – Original Hand Sanitizer – 50ml –x 1
  • Mask x 1 – 3 ply nonwoven PP
  • Surgical gloves size 7.5 – 2 pairs
  • Coverall – full body suit, including hood, shoe covers, and face shield.  – 1 kit


COVID-19 is a global pandemic that is affecting every community. Now is the time to protect ourselves from spreading the virus. Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, such as isolation gowns, surgical gowns, KN95 respirator masks, face masks, surgical face masks, gloves, face shields, foot covers, sanitizers are being sourced by the medical community as well as the government and businesses to help stop the spread.
Ray Pharmaceuticals has been a medical equipment supplier for over 40 years and as a leader in this industry within the African Continent, it is our responsibility to provide for these items in an ethical manner and of the required quality specification as laid out by Health Authorities. Our staff is available 24/7 to address any PPE inquiries and any emergency that may arise.